Easy to to use gestures and user-friendly interface for the best experience possible.


Enhances your shopping experience making it quick, efficient, and hassle free.


Our interface is in tune with today's sleek and modern designs


"An app for daily life and daily people"

What is simpLISTit?

We all know the hassle of being in a grocery store and frantically digging through our pockets and purses for our shopping lists. Imagine if with a twist of your wrist you would have your list guiding you to and from each item!

simpLISTit is an Apple Watch app that will better the shopping experience for everyone. This app will provide a place where you will be able to quickly access your shopping lists that you created on through the iPhone. Once you enter the store, the list on your watch will be ready to use, taking you from each item based on which item you are closest to.

The app is also very user-friendly with simple to use interactions and gestures creating a personable experience on a personal device.



"Technology is all around us"


Apple's Watchkit, or the development tools to create an Apple Watch app, has been our main source of tools. Using Xcode which is Apple's main IDE. Xcode 6.3 beta 4 has included toolset for all Apple devices, including the Apple Watch.


The latest iOS version 8.2 is the most up to date software for the iPhone, which allows for the Apple Watch to work with iPhones with this updated version. The Apple Watch interstingly cannot work independtly, but rather it is a device that works to compliment the iPhone.


This website that you see now has been created form the base of Boostrap , a framework for HTML, CSS, and Javascript for developing any project on the web. It's been great to be able to work with their framework, and then customize as we go, catering to what we need for our website.

Apple Watch

We were given the opportunity to work with Apple's first ever watch device! Even though the majority of the time, we worked without the watch, when we finally did, it was a very exciting experience!

The Team

The ones who made simpLISTit possible

Tien-Tien Cheng


Tien-Tien is currently a sophomore studying Mass Media Arts. Originally from the college town of Athens, GA, she’s been leading the initiative of the Apple Watch project. When she’s not out corralling the crew or making sure deadlines are met, she’s probably watching that documentary that no one has heard about.

Olivia Hryckowian

Content Producer

Olivia is currently a senior from West Palm Beach, Florida who is studying Magazine Journalism. If she’s not chilling next to the shores in Florida or writing content for our project, you can probably find her at the nearest Chipotle because Chipotle is her life. Don’t believe us, watch this (she lives by this code).

Page Halter

Visual Designer

Page is her name and is New Media is her game. Born and raised in the Southern city of Greenville, South Carolina, she is currently a Junior who is majoring in Consumer Journalism. Responsible for designing the graphics for this project, when she’s not meticulously working with Photoshop, you can probably find her throwing down some pretty neat rhymes.

Rob Thomas


Rob is currently a senior who has sacrificed his life to coding...ok maybe not sacrificed, but he has been the leader programmer for this project. He is a Computer Science major from Roswell, GA, leading the way in developing one of the first Apple Watch apps. Remember, his name is Rob and coding is his job.

"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." -Steve Jobs

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